Monday, August 24, 2009

Kindergarten - Day 5

Last Wednesday afternoon, after Talon's 5th day of school, his teacher called me. As you can imagine I was not excited about that.

Apparently Talon told his teacher it was his, "worst day ever!"

It was blue day. She was in the back of the class preparing the blue snack. Apparently Talon told the other kids at his table that if they told on him, and he got in trouble, he would kill them. Nice. One kid ran back and told her what Talon said. She said she calmed the other kids down and told them Talon was really not going to kill them. Talon had to turn his bear around, and did not get a blue snack.

Later, during "resting" time he took off his shoes and socks. Apparently this is a no-no. His teacher does not want to help put 19 pairs of stinky, sweaty shoes and socks back on after nap time. Who would? Anyway, she told him that since he was not supposed to take them off, he would have to figure out how to put them back on himself. Good for her.

He threw his shoes and socks at her. Bad for him.

The rest of the class went to P.E. while he pouted barefoot. She talked him through putting them on, without helping at all.

Since Joe was picking Talon up after school, I called and told him about my conversation with his teacher. When he picked him up he asked him how his day was.
Where you good?
Really? Because your teacher called.
I was mostly good.

Joe said it took a lot of questioning to get most of the story out of him. He went back on day 6 and apologized to his teacher and the kids at his table. He told me he switched tables. I wonder if there is another mother out there writing a blog about her kid being threatened by a bully, and asking to have that kid moved to another table.

I'm sure they were all friends again by day 7. At least I hope so.


laurie said...

I would love to read that other blog! He'll get the hang of it. Rhett got sent home for saying that to someone. The fun has just begun!

Tairi said...

Oh the kindergarten drama! He will get the hang of it. Max told me on the second day of school, "I have to go back?" Now he loves school. I am positive they are all friends now!

Mower Power said...

freakin' hilarious! gave me a great good morning chuckl!

Sharron said...

Well . . that is the sort of thing that Mariah has to deal with quite often. I'll tell her to read this and she will see that she is in good company! Good for the teacher and good for you guys for giving the little turkey a united front, parents and teacher.

It would be interesting to see the others kids perspective, though we all know how we would feel if we were wearing that other shoe!

Good luck and keep up the good work Mom & Dad!

Sharron said...

I forgot the funny thought that I had. Since Gabriel and Talon have Huish genes in common, that must be where all this pouting, etc. comes from, right? ;-D

Stephen said...

I'm glad to have company in the kindergarten transition naughtiness. :-D Gabriel's been having issues too, but is finally settling in a little bit. I think it's even harder for them when they're tall because adults expect them to act older than they really are. Good luck with it. I hear they catch on to the whole school thing eventually....let's hope it's true.

The Jones Six said...

It is easy, just don't tell on Talon and everything will be fine. Is it that hard for those other kids to see? I mean, really?

The Cutchen Crew said...

Too funny! Got to love kids. It sounds like his teacher is great!