Monday, March 23, 2009

A couple of updates

Weight Loss Update
It has been 6 weeks since THIS post. I am proud to say I have not gained any weight back, but I have not lost any more weight either. Maintaining is much easier than losing! I am still working full time, coaching softball in the afternoons and making it to the gym a few nights a week to work out with Joe. I am pretty tired, but my new jeans still fit, in fact I think I could go down a size!

This past weekend the softball team drove to Page for a double header. I did not go. 5 hour bus ride there + 2 games + 5 hour bus ride home = No thanks! The team won both games, and I got to spend the weekend with my family! :o) Seton is now 6-0!!

A new roommate
A girl that Joe works with turned 18 last week and was kicked out of her house. She is still in high school. She is now living in our spare bedroom/computer room. She doesn't have a lot of space, little to no privacy and our kids make it practically impossible for her to sleep in. Yet, she is very appreciative and respectful, and the kids ♥ her. Welcome to our house Bailee!
Joe's Birthday
Joe is turning 33 on Thursday. Not only do I not have a gift for him...I have NO IDEA what to get him. Really, NO IDEA! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Send them to so Joe will not see them, and I can pretend that I came up with them on my own. Seriously!


laurie said...

Man I wish I could help out there, but.....nothing. That's awesome that you haven't gained any weight back. I'm still dreaming of the maintenance phase of my life, someday.

Taya said...

I have soooo much baby weight to still lose and my baby is 7 months old!!! I admire you! Thanks for the mattress offer, but kevin had to drop off an extra bed at my sisters and she had a twin mattress, so yeah! On the gift front... one year Tawna and I gave our husbands a day at Bondurant Race Car Driving School. They are over by Firebird Raceway I think if they still do them. It was about $300 I think, but for a whole day and they said it was way worht it!

Sharron said...

Happy Birthday Joe!! Is that realy the little guy that was running around in diapers at our wedding? How did the time go so fast?!?!?!