Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get Your Lemonade!!

Talon has been asking to have a lemonade stand forEVER! Last Saturday we finally let him, and he had a great time. He set up at the back fence for the golfers.

How can you pass up those cute faces without buying a cup? You can't! Talon was sooo great! He ran his lemonade stand for about 2 hours and stayed there the whole time. He would stand there patiently and wait for the golfers to finish the hole and as soon as they started walking to their golf carts he would yell, "Get your lemonade! Get your lemonade!" until they stopped or passed him. At one point two guys stopped and gave him $1 each, but didn't want any lemonade. Talon said maybe they gave him the money because he's so cute...I think he's right!
He made $13.75 and gave $2 to Sydney for helping. She would only run over (sometimes) when he had a customer. :o)

After her, Hailey and Braden went in the jacuzzi (hot cozy at our house) I did her hair. I loved the 4 leaf clover that I saw on Cute Girly Do's, so I tried it on Sydney.Monday night I added ribbon and gave Hailey a shamrock, which is a slight variation of what I saw HERE (another one from Cute Girly Do's).I thought it turned out really cute.

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laurie said...

I love the hair do!