Monday, February 9, 2009


Remember THIS post?

Well, 40 pounds and about 6 months later and I QUIT! If I could punch that diet in the face I would.

What, you ask was the final straw?

While in Payson, at the McDonald's drive thru with the kids (as I remember it):

Joe: bla bla kids meal bla bla...and a big mac with no onions and no bun.
Lady #1: no what?
Joe: no bun
Lady #1: no bun?
Joe: right, no bun.
Lady #2: your order..bla bla onions and no (whispering now) - no what?
Lady #1: (also whispering) no bun...yeah...whisper whisper
Lady #2: no onions and no bun.
Joe: And a 6 piece chicken nuggets. (not relevant whatsoever)

Joe says to me that we better check it before we leave. So, I dig into the bag and find a box with a receipt TAPED TO THE BOX. It says NO ONIONS and NO BUN...and they STILL put a bun on it. They did, however, leave out the middle bun...makes sense right??

What's the problem right? You say, Kathy why don't you take off the bun and throw it away when you get home? That's what all the sauce and good stuff is stuck to! Good grief!

I was almost done then. I think Joe was too, but with me.

I got back to the cabin and ate it. THEN, I WAS done. Grossest thing EVER!

I ordered spinach ravioli's for dinner. They were delicious!!

P.S. When we got back from Payson Hailey present had already been delivered!! It is just as pretty as the picture. I ♥ it!

P.P.S. I will post the pictures of the snow in Payson as soon as I get them downloaded. It was gorgeous and the kids had a blast!!


JIll said...

I bet that pasta was the best thing you ever tasted! :) I'm proud of the work you have done! you look awesome!!!

laurie said...

I agree, you lasted longer than just about anyone I know. And you do look Fabulous! Go eat some bread.

Chef Tess said...

You are amazing. I personally would rather die a slow death cut into a thousand pieces than go without bread. Which explains a lot...I know! Don't quit completely. You are still amazing!!

Charles and Courtney said...

I am amazed at how long you were on that diet. I tried that diet once and I think I lasted 2 weeks. Probably not a great diet for me being a non red meat eater, but the rest of my family was doing it too. I told Charles that I think I would rather just be fat than not being able to eat fruit and sweets which is why I am the way I am. Good job on the diet though and the results.

Erica said...

Yes, great job Kathy! You look amazing, and all your sacrifice (hunger?!) and hard work has paid off.

Kathy said...

You're all so sweet. Thanks for all your nice comments. Now, the ultimate challenge...don't gain it all back. :o)

Erica said...

You won' that you have an exercise routine and keep eating what you like in moderation, you'll keep it off.