Friday, March 6, 2009

Fundraising Project

Some friends of ours, Chad and Cassie Kerby will be heading to Guatemala in April. On their trip they will be helping out the villagers in the Chimaxyat village. One of the projects they will be doing is building toilets for 33 of the families there. This in turn will help with cleanliness and sanitation. They have set a goal to raise $1,000.00 for this cause. They are also looking for donations of school and art supplies for the school there. If you would like to donate any money click HERE and it will take you to Cassie's donation page.

Thanks for helping out!


Cassie and Chad said...

YOU ROCK! Seriously you are so awesome for doing this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

The Jones Six said...

I might donate, but only if I can be assured I don't have to clean them. 33 could take all day. Plus the travel time, that would take forever.