Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random pictures

Talon L♥VES walking around with my camera taking random pictures of things. Usually it just shows me how messy my house is. :) As soon as he gets his hands on my camera he says, "say cheese momma". That can get pretty old! I mean how many of those shots from his view up do I need really? So I taught him how to take a picture of himself. He got his face in the picture - later we'll work on more flattering angles. :)
In the car, on the way to Payson Lacy was "shushing" Bailee. What a cutie pie!Hailey was crying that the sun was in her eyes. Bailee finally gave in and let her wear her sunglasses to keep her quiet and it worked! (for a couple of minutes anyway) We borrowed my mom's DVD player with two screens. It was a life saver in the car...if Hailey would just figure out how to keep those darned headphones on!This next picture totally cracked me up when I saw it! Talon must have taught her how to take a picture of herself. If she needed a profile picture this would definitely be it!!I can't look at it without laughing!

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laurie said...

Love seeing all the pics. Hailey looks awfully grouchy for a kid who always seems happy!