Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July in Payson

Our family - Fourth of July 2009Bailee was a little embarrassed to wear matching shirts, but I didn't care. When we got there she looked around and said, "nobody else has matching shirts on." I told her we were the cool kids.
She didn't believe me.
But look how cute we are!!There was a band playing in the afternoon, so we went over and sat on a blanket. Here's a picture of Lacy gettin her groove on.Lacy, Kamryn and Katie dancing (going in circles) together.Lunch! (Talon didn't sit down long enough to eat)Bailee stood in line with Trinity and Sydney for a HOUR to get their faces painted. I thought they would come back with a flag or a flower. Wow!! I didn't get a picture of the bubble machine, which was a big hit with the smaller kids, but here is Joe (a.k.a. Santa Claus) blowing up the balloons for the kids. They went CRAZY for those! Lacy took a short nap on Joe's lap before the fireworks started and was in total awe when she woke up. Talon and Hailey had their moments. We had to convince them that the fireworks were cool and not scary. Ü Here are my little cuties before we left for the park, showing of their star tattoos and new shirts.
P.S. Laurie, that was 6 in one day!!

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Sharron said...

Fun pictures . . Jon and I have turned into the doggie sitters the last couple of years . . hummmm. what is that goofy Talon doing under an afghan for pete's sake?!?!!? Good grief! Reminds me of the homeless types I used to see downtown Phx wearing coats and sweaters in the summer time!