Monday, July 13, 2009


26 days with no episodes!

Lacy had a breath holding episode last night. She almost made it an entire month. Almost.

Talon opened a jello and didn't eat it. Not unusual for that kid. Lacy saw it. She wanted it. She didn't want me to feed it to her. She wanted to eat from the spoon herself. I tried to let her. She flung it on the floor. I took it away. Mean mom.

I probably would have put her in her high chair and let her have at it, but we were leaving for Sunday dinner at the Dairman's.

She walked arms out crying. Hard.

Joe picked her up and tried to get her to breathe. Nope. She passed out anyway.

I sat on the couch with her while she was having her "seizure like activity", and Joe loaded up the other kids. When she was finished we put her in the car and went anyway. She cried most of the ride there, until she finally took her bottle and fell asleep. She was, most understandably, a complete pill for the next few hours.

Man I'll be glad when she outgrows this completely. I'm sure she will be too!

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laurie said...

I know it's Ok, I guess, but it still seems scary.