Friday, June 26, 2009

My little chatterbox

Hailey is non-stop chatter. You may not understand what she's saying, but that doesn't stop her. Notice the cell phone in her hand. :-)
Last night, when we were leaving the gym, I told Joe I wanted to go to Target to get some sandals. I took Hailey with me and Joe took Talon and Lacy home. Hailey talked the whole way there, and the WHOLE time we were there. Our gym is behind a Sonic, so we always drive through the parking lot to get to the gym. On the way to target we passed another Sonic.

Hailey: I just saw the new play place again. (That's the gym. The old play place is Bashas) I think we're driving in circles.
Me: No, we're not driving in circles.
Hailey: Oh, maybe we're just driving back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth?
Me: *Lauging* Nope. Not that either.
Hailey: But I DID just see it...

In the shoe department people were coming from other isles just to see her and laugh at us.

Hailey: Mommy, can I try these on?
Me: Hailey, you don't need those.
Hailey: I KNOW...I just want to try them on!
Me: Whatever.
Hailey: They fit me! Can I have them? Mommy, look, they fit me, can I buy these?
Me: No Hailey. You said you were just going to try them on, and you have shoes almost exactly like that already.
Hailey: No I don't. These have princesses on them. Mines are Dora.
Me: No Hailey.
Hailey: Ohhh say...(that't OK in Hailey talk)

Then she puts them back and starts all over with another pair. She was also trying to buy shoes for Lacy whenever they were too small for her.

Hailey: Mommy these are cute. We could buy them for Lacy. They would be cute on her.
Me: Lacy already has shoes. She doesn't need those.
Hailey: But they're little and they would fit her.
Me: She doesn't need they are too big (or small).

We must have had those same conversations a thousand times while we were there. I even tried this a few times:

Me: Hailey, can you just shut your mouth for a minute please?
Hailey: Sure mommy, I'm sorry, I'll be quiet for two, three minutes because I'm three...can you help me put these back up? Can I try these on?
Me: I thought you were going to be quiet?
Hailey: Oh, sorry. *whispering* Do you think these will fit me? Can you help me get these down? Do you think Talon wants new floppies too? Oh, those look like daddies. Should we buy some for daddy?...

When we got home Lacy was in bed and Joe and Talon were sitting by the couch eating dinner, watching the 11th inning of the D-backs game. We were there for about two minutes when Joe said, "Hailey, I love you, but it was really peaceful before you got here."

"I love you too you want to see the floppies we got for Talon? They're in here...mommy can you get Talon's floppies out so we can surprise him?"

How can you get mad at that?


Sharron said...

You can't! My dad used to say the my tongue was lose at both ends . . . looks like you got one of those!!

Charles and Courtney said...

There must be something about those 2 locations because my MSF is right next to a Sonic as well. Oh, and the chatterbox, yeah, I have one of those too except she gets mad at me when I say we need some quiet time.

Mower Power said...

I have one of those too in the boy variety! He never stops! I beg him to be quiet for just 1 full minute and he literally cannot do it! Love him but there is something to be said for a little peace!