Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last night after Hailey brushed her teeth, she opened her mouth to show me how great her breath was. Holy crap! One of her tonsils looked like a brain!! They were both so swollen there could only be about ¼ inch between them. I showed Joe and he said, "I wonder how she can even breathe." She said it didn't even hurt.

Lacy had been all stuffed up and whiney for the past couple of days. She has also been running a bit of a fever, but nothing a little Tylenol can't get rid of.

So I figured what the heck, take them both.

This morning I got ready for work and then hung around the house until the doc's office opened at 8:30. I was able to get an appt. for 9:45.

About an hour and a half later Hailey has tonsillitis and Lacy has a double ear infection. Great! Lacy has had an ear infection just about every time she has been in that office. Time for tubes. That appointment is Monday morning. The first one is a consultation, you know, so they can squeeze out a little bit more money out of it. Seriously, our pediatrician already did a consultation just get on with the tubes. Nope. They need us to come in so that they can agree to make a real appointment. Whatever!!

We also talked about her breathing episodes. We have been doing something new, thanks to Aunt Helen. My mom was telling her about Lacy and she said that one of her sisters did that once and her mom (my Grandma Horihan) slapped her. I laughed out loud when my sister told me, but then I asked if it worked. hehe. Anyway, when Lacy has started turning blue we have been open-handed hitting her in the chest. Not real hard, more like a thump. It seems to work to get her to take a breath and cry normally. She hasn't had an episode for 8 days, but has started A LOT! As many as three times a day sometimes. Our sitters all know what to do and aren't scared, so that's good. Thanks for all of your kind comments, thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate them!

♥ Kathy


Sharron said...

Just talked to Charlotte a little while ago. Bet she will be glad to find out what to do. Guess Lacey gave her and Jill quite the scare! Hope this keeps working for it!

laurie said...

Hailey is quite a characture! Sometimes I will take one with me to spend some quality time with them and realize it's absolutely exhausting to have them around. Seriously...Just two seconds so I can think!! Too funny. Glad to hear Lacey is doing better, or that you are anyway..lol. Are you guys coming up on Saturday?