Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Days

We went to Payson this past weekend for our last family trip before the official start of the softball season. We left Friday evening and came back on Sunday. Jono and his kids came on Friday night too, but had to leave Saturday afternoon.

We REALLY wanted to find snow for his kids on Saturday, so we drove up to the same spot we went last time with the Smith's. There was just enough snow on one side of the gravel pits for the kids to do some sledding.

Here is Joe & Talon sledding, Jono, Ava and GavinJoe & TalonMe & the girls (we are sitting at the bottom of the hill they were sledding on)Hailey - all bundled up thanks to some loaners from the Smith's (Thanks!)Gavin & TalonThen, we woke up to this Sunday morning! They are standing right out the back door!! Talon was in heaven! He said, "maybe there will be presents at home." Somehow he thought it was supposed to snow on Christmas...since it didn't (I know shocker!) he thought he would get ANOTHER Christmas morning. That kid is too funny!Joe pushed them down the little slope in the backyard.The front of the house covered in the snow.This is the first time I used the timer on my camera.The back of the house, from the path to the park.We took a "walk" to find some better hills at the park.Talon took this picture. It shows exactly how much snow we got overnight.Playing around with Lacy.The rainbow we saw on the way home.The End.


laurie said...

Looks like fun...not. Once a year is plenty for me! I would have loved to be in the snowstorm though.


Wow, There was a lot of snow! How fun!I love the Christmas comment from Talon- so cute!But Totally understandable-it did look like a White Christmas!

JIll said...

I love to see it snow! so much fun for the kids, and big kids too :) Cool picts!

Charles and Courtney said...

I am glad that we only made a day trip to Payson on Saturday, we would not have been prepared for that snow on Sunday. It looks like the kids had a fun time playing in it though.

Mindy said...

Just popped over to say thanks for putting my button on your blog. Your last trip looks fun, but I have admit I would rather be in the sunshine. The snow is really getting old!

Thanks again