Thursday, February 5, 2009

A (?) Gift for Hailey

So, I was checking things out - following links and stuff. And I found THIS site. I've been there before, but I was looking again. Usually I just browse these things to get ideas for bows. By the way, I am totally going to make one of these that I found HERE, because it is awesome! (I saw you roll your eyes Joe!)
Anyway, my point is - I found this! It matches Hailey's room PERFECTLY!! Isn't that the prettiest bow holder you have ever seen? The problem is I JUST shopped at Michael's TWO days ago and bought the letters B, O, W & S and some stickers and crap to make my own bow holder. SUCK! I decided that since everything is still in the bag (including the receipt) I can take it all back and get that beautiful one for Hailey. It wasn't much more than I spent at the store for one that I was probably going to spend HOURS making, and probably need my mouth washed out for cursing a few times along the way. (I'm not very good at that kind of stuff, which is why letting that lady go in the bathroom without saying anything to her was so out of character for me) So, Hailey is getting a present. Her birthday is not until August. I could kid myself and say that I can wait until then to give it to her, but seriously that is a LONG time away! Of course I had to get some of these butterfly clippies too, but they were only $1.50 - what a steal!

In the end, I think I got everything for a really good price and their shipping was free. I AM going to take that other stuff back, and save a lot of stress.

Softball tryouts start at Seton on Monday. Talk about another level of stress, but the good kind. :o) I am so lucky to have such great parents, a wonderful husband, and excellent in-laws to take such great care of my kids so I can keep doing what I love. This will be my 11th season coaching there!! I am dreading my schedule during the next few months, but I am totally looking forward to getting back on the field with those great kids!!


laurie said...

Did all that rambling justify it for you? Totally did for me! It is way cute and no work is always worth a little cash. Besides, kids can get gifts for no reason. I do it all the time!

Kathy said...

Laurie - YES, TOTALLY!

The Cutchen Crew said...

Thanks for the link. I ordered stuff and already received them. Too cheap to waste time to do them myself. I am SURE David will love them. LOL!!