Monday, February 2, 2009

Preschool Field Trip

On Thursday Mrs. Rogers took the kids on a field trip to a Fire House. Here she is giving the kids instructions before we all went in. My kids were both sitting on my lap.
Once we were up and going inside Talon joined his classmates, but Hailey would not leave my lap. That's Talon - third from the left, and Ava - two girls to the right of him.After some discussion about fire safety the kids went into the kitchen.Then they got to take turns in the Fire Truck. That's Talon in the back.They even let them put on headphones. He's pretending he's talking into the microphone here.
Here's Ava inside the truck.Joe, Talon and Grandma Dairman.Hailey wouldn't go in. I even offered to go with her. Nope. It even took some coaxing to get her to let go of me long enough to get on the back of the truck with Ava.Lacy.Our family by the firetruck.
Check out Hailey!! She's FINALLY sitting with her class! (Way far on the right, behind the redhead in the front) Talon's big cheese is in front. This picture was taken right after Talon raised his hand in the middle of the discussion to let the fireman know he painted a rock at home...crazy kid!

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JIll said...

What a fun trip. We did that when a new fire station opened by our home.