Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cute Game

I'm going to steal this idea from my sister-in-law Courtney because I thought it was cute. What you do is type in your first name and then needs into a search engine and see what comes up. Here are our results:

Kathy needs:
Kathy needs to give herself some credit
Kathy needs more attention
Kathy needs your help now
Kathy needs to do more talk shows
(but I already know who the baby daddy is, so what's the point?)
Kathy needs to find non-religious material to add to her routines

Joe needs:
Joe needs to remember that he is vulnerable to anything that gives an emotional uplift
Joe needs YOU
Joe needs a home
Joe needs help
(apparently with finding a new home??)
Joe needs to get his head out of his a$$ and face reality (hee hee)
Joe needs to poop (I know that makes 6, but it was too funny to leave out)

Talon needs:
Talon needs work
Talon needs advice
Talon needs serious help
(most of you have probably said that out loud a few times) =)
Talon needs a new home (so...there must be something Joe and Talon aren't telling me??)
Talon needs a good tune up

Hailey needs:
Hailey needs to look where she is going
(this could not be more true had it been written directly about her)
Hailey needs a hug (...and a kiss and a five and knuckles...blow it up)
Hailey needs to pee
Hailey needs other outside interests
(and we mean other than food)
Hailey needs your prayers and positive thoughts

Lacy needs:
Lacy needs to get a clue (I think that may be a bit harsh for someone who isn't even born yet!)
Lacy needs lots of attention and exercise
Lacy needs to learn self control
Lacy needs a place to stay
(because she has just about worn out her welcome in her current location) =)
Lacy needs a family that is loving and consistant with expectations and enforcing boundaries (we'll do our best!!)


girl-at-heart said...

I LOVE your family pictures, that is sooooo cute! Glad to have your link so now i can visit you often. No Sunday dinner, doing a cookout on Monday if you want to come.

The Jones Six said...

Hi Joe and Kathy! Your family is so cute! It would be so fun to have our kids play together! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can't wait to see her!

Fat & Sassy said...

Joe, this is Stephanie Skinner Hatch's mom and came across your blog off of Cassie's blog, you know what kid...I always enjoyed you so much, I don't think I've seen you since the ol' Peddler's Shop over here on Val Vista, but just wanted you to know...You always made me SMILE! What a nice family you have.

stephanie said...

ok so i guess my mom too--i just found you off of cassies blog, holy heck it is so good to see you and your family--your talon is so big! send me your email--(skhatch@hotmail.com) so i can invite you to our blog--how fun to see how you guys are doing!