Friday, April 18, 2008

Home for a week now...

Lacy is 9 days old today and we visited Aunt Susan, Aiden and Gavin and then went to get her PKU done at the hospital this afternoon. After that, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Horihan's house and visited with them, Sydney, Braden, Tyler, and Uncle Dave and had dinner there. I've been off work for over a week now (other than the 4 hours I went in for on Wednesday morning). I don't really like being home all day. I'm not used to it, so I'm always asking the kids what they want to do next. Now who do you want to go visit? K, now what? I think right when I get used to this I'll have to go back to work. =) Here's a cute picture I took of Lacy this week.
And the one Hailey wanted to take after we were done with Lacy's

The kids are loving their baby sister and Hailey still gets upset anytime anyone else wants to look at her, hold her or feed her.

At Lacy's appointment on Friday the doctor found blood in her stool. Those of you who don't know about our kids and their allergies, here's the scoop. A few weeks after Talon was born we couldn't get him to stop crying. He went a few weeks crying whenever he was awake until I finally decided that it couldn't just be colic like everyone was telling me and took him to the doctor. He had blood in his stool, which meant he had some allergies and I was told to stop breastfeeding completely and switch him to the non-dairy, non-soy based formula especially for babies with allergies. He was an entirely different baby in about 2 days. When he was about 9 months old we took him to an allergist and found out that his allergies were milk and eggs....luckily he has grown out of those now and has no allergies. When Hailey was born, the pediatrician strongly suggested to use the same formula and skip all of the problems we had with Talon, so we did and she has never had any problems with any food. We did the same thing with Lacy, only she STILL had blood in her stool! Anyway, he said that it could just be that way because I had milk while I was pregnant and that may still be in her system?? We are going back on Monday to have her checked again, and if it's not better, we may have to switch to an even more expensive formula (which I was SHOCKED to find out even existed) that you can only order directly from the manufacturer online. So, pray that she is OK, or we may have to sell our house to buy the new stuff. =)

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girl-at-heart said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen. I'm so glad you came back, I've been curious how you two were doing. Sorry to hear about the allergy thing, you guys have had it tough with your little ones. Enjoy your time off, you might just miss it!