Monday, April 28, 2008

Lacy - 19 days old...and one day after her due date.

Well, we went back to the doctor today, and Lacy had only gained 3 ounces since last Monday. Apparently she is supposed to gain an ounce a day at this age. She also still had blood in her stool, and oral thrush (basically a yeast infection in her mouth, which he said kids with allergies to milk proteins get often). The pediatrician said that we need to order a case of the MOST EXPENSIVE FORMULA ON EARTH, and then we should be able to go back to the SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE FORMULA ON EARTH. He thinks once she goes through one case she should be fine. I have to take her back in a week to check her weight gain, and then once she's been on the gold powder for a week he wants to see her again to check her stool - again. With all that said, does this look like a sick baby to you?On another note, when we got home the other day there were a couple of rabbits playing in our backyard and I got a couple pictures of them before they ran off. In the first picture they are just about in the middle and one is jumping over the other. In the second picture one is hiding behind the bush and the other is waiting for him to come out.

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