Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some cute pictures (and me)

I am WAY behind in posting.

I always say that.
I have a million pictures to sort through from Easter (aka Lacy's birthday) to post, but in the meantime, if you want to see what went on at my house on Easter please see Erica's post.

And if you want to see the super sweet, kinda scary, awesome candle we used on Lacy's Easter/Birthday cake please see Erica's other post.
As a matter of fact, Erica just got a brand new camera, so you might just want to delete my blog and add hers to your list instead. :D
Here are some pictures Erica didn't take...
My beautiful, blue eyed baby girl...who is 2 YEARS OLD NOW!!!And won't stop running to take a picturegood one!

Talon lost his first tooth!!!My dog Sandy is still alive and kicking, even after eating all of the kids Easter candy while we were in CA, including an entire chocolate Easter Bunny. We will call her ninja dog.

I finally had enough guts to let Jen cut off my nasty hairHere it is curly


Charles and Courtney said...

Cute hair cut. I didn't notice it on Sunday in a ponytail.

Erica said...

Glad I can pick up you blogging slack!

Sharron said...

The pics are great. I can't believe that Lacy is already two! No way! Like you hair cut a lot. It'll be nice with the hot weather here already!