Monday, March 29, 2010

Another "Are you serious?" moment...

When my cell phone and wallet got stolen off my desk at my old office, the guy left my purse behind. I thought that was so he could get a head start and use my credit cards before I realized what he had taken (which totally worked BTW). But now, I think it was because I do not carry this purse:
Which, apparently, retails for $3,495.00!!! Seriously?! A trip for 5 to Germany, or a purse, or a CAR. Seriously, people seriously. If you own this purse, please contact me. We need to talk about what better ways I can spend YOUR money. ;-)


Sharron said...

LOL heqq, I could make something that ugly from my scrap bag for nothun'! Where did you find this anyway?

Isn't that so irksome when someone takes your wallet? I was so mad when mine got taken, with no cards, less than $5 and some pictures that I couldn't replace. The wallet was a $20 one that I got a gonga deal on right after Christmas, and have never been able to replace either. Oh well, life went on.

Way excited about your trip to Germany BTW!

laurie said...

not much irritates me more than people stealing my stuff. Right off your desk even? Very exciting about going to Germany!