Friday, April 30, 2010

Holy Hannah!!!

I stink!! As I read THIS post I thought, oh crap...I did that too, so I did a little bit of searching and found THIS post from February 2009. I stink!! I promised I would sent out your prize within a year. Shame on me!

So, attention Jill, Taylor & Tawna...I have made you something. You may love it or you may hate it. Please tell me you love it either way.

Taylor and Tawna we need to figure out how I can get yours to you, so leave me a comment and we can work that out...regular old snail mail will not work, unless you want it shattered. :)

Jill - we're good...I'll bring yours to you.


Taylor K said...

crap! I haven't even made mine. i suck.

Sharron said...

I did that too and just figured out that it had just past a year. So now I am trying to make everything at once.

What makes is think that we will not get sidetracked in this busy old world?

Mower Power said...

did I win something? I had forgotten all about this!!! too funny!