Friday, April 17, 2009

Softball Tournament

So, here is the reason it took me so long to post pictures from Easter. Monday morning we had to be at the airport at 5:45 to fly to Burbank, CA for a softball tournament. Then we rented a couple of passenger vans and drove the team a few hours north to Santa Maria for a 3-day tournament. The team did pretty well. We went 3-2 (that's 3 wins and 2 losses). It was COLD there! I think I wore everything I packed. At the same time!! The winds were ridiculous! 35-45 mile/hour wind gusts. CRAZY COLD! One of the mom's there took a picture of me out at first and I looked like an Eskimo. I think the wind froze my brain too, because I didn't take any pictures until after our last game.We totally should have had Amanda kneel down so you could see Coach Mullin behind her. LOL
The seniors
Our vanBurbank Airport - waiting to go home
These kids are the reason that this is what I have been doing every afternoon, for 3½ months out of the year, for the past 10 years. ♥ It!

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Sharron said...

This looks like such fun. I hope those kids appreciate having someone like you coaching them . . . and the parents appreciate having a good mentor like you teaching their daughters! It's pretty important in the long range scheme of life, boy do I sound old or what?