Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saturday - Easter bunny & Earings

Saturday we took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at Superstition Springs. They were sooo excited! As soon as we got there Hailey was not as excited.

Talon loved it! But, it took a little (OK a LOT longer) to get the girls to sit there...dang they're cute!!When we were finished we had some time to waste before meeting the Smith's for Joe's birthday dinner, so we decided to get Lacy's ears pierced. I won't say anything about the girl who did it, but if you've been to Claire's at Superstition springs you know what I'm talking about...HE was really nice and did a wonderful job. ;-)
Lacy didn't really appreciate it though. This is right after she finished the second ear.AwwwwDon't feel too bad for her though. This is about 5 minutes later...she's fine. :o) She's so lucky she was born in April...her diamonds look beautiful!!


laurie said...

Ok, so someone told me that HE had this disease that HE is really a girl with some sort of elephantitis or something. I don't know, but it makes me uncomfortable every time! But, yes he/she is very nice.

JIll said...

I just realized I have been spelling lacy's name wrong on my blog, sorry! I will try harder to get it right :)

Tairi said...

I know exactly who you are talking are a girls best friend!