Monday, June 2, 2008

Pool Fun!

Okay, so I was even more behind in my pictures than I thought. I started the previous post and it started to get so long, I decided to split them up. Here are some pictures of Joe playing with the kids in our pool.
Talon flipping

Hailey flipping

Talon diving

Hailey diving

Talon diving over daddy

Hailey diving over daddy


laurie said...

Cute pictures! I have a Hailey, a couple actually! Even if it's just their hand,they try to get in every picture. She looks like she does really well with Lacy, that's sweet.

JIll said...

It looks like you are getting your moneys worth out of your pool. So are we! Love the new picts! JIll

Tairi said...

Great pictures! I love your backyard. lacy is getting so big. How is she doing with the new formula?

Tina said...

So fun!! You're kids are adorable. It's so fun to look at all your pics. The kids are getting so big. Yes, I hope we get to see eachother when Flo is in town. I probably shouldn't invite myself but I think I'm due for Sunday dinner at the Dairman's! :)It would be great to see everyone!