Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hailey cleans up

This is how I found Hailey the other day:And here is how our conversation went:
Me - Hailey, what are you doing?
Hailey - Me ceening up!
So, I walked away and gave her some time to see what her plan was. A short time later I came back and here is what I found. Hailey - me find dese socks
Me - do you need help
Hailey - yes, big, big mess mommy
No kidding!
But, she did help me find all of the matches to put them away - ceener!


laurie said...

did she pull all that stuff out? I love seeing other people's kids running around with no clothes on. that's pretty much the way of things at our house!

Mower Power said...

Love the new family pictures! We haven't done that in over a year! I would love to get together sometime, let me know when works for you...send me your email address and I will email you our phone number! Talk to you soon!