Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Talon and Hailey gave me a card that they signed themselves, and Lacy gave me a card that Joe had stamped her hand and foot on. It was really cute. Joe gave me flowers and a card, and offered to let me pick out a Mother's ring. We think we are done having kids now, so it's pretty safe to go ahead and get one. We spent most of the day at my Uncle Martin & Cheryl's house, where the men do all the cooking and clean up for all the mom's. Then, we went to Joe's parent's house for Sunday dinner. It was a pretty good day. Here is a picture we took while we were at Uncle Martin's house.
I know the picture on our main page doesn't have Lacy in it, but I'm not ready to replace it with this one...maybe we'll go get some professional pictures taken if I can lose about 20 pounds. =) This picture was the best one out of about 15 we tried that day...arghh! Those kids sure are hard to get to sit still and smile.

I wanted to share my cousins "labor story" because I thought it was sooo crazy! This is Brynn's story (the one I had lunch with the other day). She was in the hospital bed and had already gotten her epidural, so she was completely numb. She was getting uncomfortable and pulled herself up higher in bed, and the nurse came in and said that they lost the fetal monitor connection and she was going to try to re-adjust it to find it again. Well, the nurse couldn't find the heart beat, so she told Brynn that she would check her first and then go get the doctor. When the nurse picked up the sheet, she said "the baby is here". Apparently, when she pulled herself up in bed the baby's head came out!! So, the nurse took the baby's head in her hand and the rest of her slid out. Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard? She was over 8 lbs too!


laurie said...

Nice! Everyone needs one good story and that is it! Glad you had a good mother's day and I can't wait to see your ring, I love mine!

Taya Goodwin said...

Hey Kathy & Joe! It's Taya (Harmon) Goodwin...Your family is so cute and has grown! I am 8 months pregnant with our last and your friends labor story at least sounds EASY!!!! Here's hoping to a labor like that! Anyway, have a great day!

Mower Power said...

Happy to hear that your sweet baby is doing well! She is beautiful!