Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Day

Today was a big day. Talon had a Dr. appt at 9:00 this morning and got four shots! He was so brave and didn't cry while the nurses did the first two. The second shots were the stingers though and he cried a little bit for daddy. On the way home I told him that I was so proud of him for being so brave and he told me that he really wasn't because he cried, but I told him that it was OK to cry a little bit because it hurt a little bit and he agreed.
The doctor tested Lacy's stool again and there wasn't any blood!! Hooray, that's the first time it's ever been clear. She is also up to 8lbs 8oz now. I guess the crushed up 5 dollar bills they put in this formula must be working. =) She is still spitting up quite a bit, but he didn't seem too concerned about it since she gained almost an entire pound in a week. He also said that the crying should be much better in another week or so, once the old stuff is completely out of her system. Hopefully she starts feeling even better real soon.We went to lunch with my cousin, who had her baby two days after Lacy was born. Here are all the girls who had babies recently that were at lunch with us.
Then, tonight Hailey passed another level in her swim class. Congratulations Hailey!


Charles and Courtney said...

That is great that Lacy is doing better! Good job to Talon too for being such a big boy. I think I almost hate it as much as the kids do when they get their shots because I feel so bad for them. Maybe next time we see you guys I will actually have to try and hold Lacy since I have not done that yet.

JIll said...

Congrats Tallon for not crying! What a brave boy you are! I'm excited for Lacy not having blood in her stool. Remind me not to drink the water at any of your family functions :) I don't need any more kids. :)

laurie said...

So happy to hear all the good news! (and thanks for more pictures, she is precious!)