Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talon is 6!!!

Talon got an entire week of birthday it should be. :) First, he got to take doughnuts to school for his class, and for kids corner on his REAL birthday. Then, he got to share a cake with Sydney, Aunt Erica, Uncle Mick and Patty at my parent's house two days later. Thanks for sending me the pics mom, since I forgot my dang camera. Good times!!Then, he had ANOTHER birthday celebration at his other grandparent's house the next night!! (Yep, we brought the leftover cake from the night before) :-)So happy!!Talon chose the "underwater" Happy Birthday song. You use your finger on your lips to make it sound like you're under water while singing. Hailey and daddy are doing it, Lacy is completely confused by it, and Talon is LOVING it! And, of course, he was totally spoiled by the Dairman's...again.Talon chose to have his "friends" party at Peter Piper...what a shocker.
Just look at that cute 6 year old. :)Lacy could stay on this ride for DAYS. Seriously DAYS!!Check out how much fun she is having...for like the bizzillionth time....even Ava got in on the action, and loved it.Nasty pizza time!!!!!
(sorry it's gotta be the 2nd worse pizza on the planet, right...anything for the birthday boy) Cake Time!!!! And...the underwater song again. Lacy is STILL confused by it, and is wondering why she had to get off that ride to come for this!Haha it looks like Talon and Tyler are kissing. You can always tell who's gift he is opening. This one is from Sydney...obviously!!Can you tell who this one is from?? I ♥ it!!! I seriously can't look at this picture without smiling. I just love how happy it makes the kids when they pick out the perfect gift. :)And finally Talon's gift from his mom and dad...a brand new slightly used death trap for Lacy BED!!

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laurie said...

I'm exhausted from all the fun! Love the left over cake, I would so do that.