Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tempe Improv

A couple of weeks ago some of our friends invited us to go to the Tempe Improv with them. Don't ask who we saw because it doesn't matter...she wasn't that good. We still had a good time though. :D
I forgot my camera because I'm lame, but Donna remembered hers so she took a couple of pictures of us. I took one of them too, but Donna didn't send it to me because she's lame.
Then I asked the girl next to me to take one of the four of us. She was happy to. In fact, she said she worked for the company who made the special drinks of the night and offered to buy us all one. Thanks girl!! And thanks to Donna and Branden for a fun date night.

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Tairi said...

maybe I didnt get that memo...:) I love Lacy's halloween costume, so cute!