Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Curl Formers - Bailee

I ♥ these things!! I've used them on Hailey's hair, my hair and my niece Carina's hair. They are the BEST curlers ever!! I don't think I've ever posted about them before, but if you're interested they are ONLY sold at Sally's. Have I mentioned I ♥ them? I would put them in anyone's hair who would let me.

You have to buy this hook thing when you buy the curlers. You shove it through the curler, which opens up and straightens out enough to pull the hair through it and then whips back up with the hair inside. I ran out of the larger pink and orange ones on Bailee, so I had to use some of the smaller blue and green ones on the front of her head. They were not long enough for her hair, so I just kind of twisted the hair around her head.

Here is what they look when they are all in. I guess you could blow it dry if you were in a hurry, but we always just sleep with them in. They are pretty soft.The next morning, right after we pulled them out.Separate the curls a little bit and you are adorable!!


Sharron said...

Hey, those look really neat! I've seen them in there an wondered about them. Wonder what they would make a crazy ole' lady look like?!?!?! But seriously, Sarah would love those, I think. How long does it take to put them into one's hair?

Taylor K said...

Oooh, I'll have to try those. My hair will NOT hold a curl, but those look way better than an iron or sponge roller!

Sara said...

Hi there!

It was great to read your comments about Curlformers and to see the lovely results you've achieved with them! Curlformers will be available from a new website and online shop around 9th November so wherever you are in the world you'll be able to buy them! The website will also include lots of hints, tips, advice and pictures to help you create gorgeous curls and there's also a step-by-step demo video to help you get the best from your Curlformers. For example, always remove the Curlformers with care and if your hair is very thick or frizzy you could apply a little serum to each curl as you remove the Curlformer, to keep the curls smooth. We hope you have fun using them!