Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winner Winner!!

I know that I am WAY far behind in my postings, but that's because I am way behind on downloading my pictures! Here are a few things I will be blogging about soon:

√ Mother's Day Celebration at Uncle Martin's house

√ Our ambulance ride and two day stay at the hospital for Lacy (don't worry...she's OK)

Tina and the boys are here from GERMANY!!

Memorial Day

Our new babysitter (three days a week over the summer) Alicia.

Seton Softball won state!! Woot woot!!

But before all of that....I was a WINNER!! See this post at Pigs and Ponies!!

You have no idea how often I enter these hair blog contests, but this is the second time I've won something and my kids could wear both of them. Remember the woven beanie that Lacy won? Here is the picture of her in it (just in case you don't remember how adorable it looked on her!)

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