Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paper Flowers

I finally found the blog where I learned how to make these flowers!

Have you seen these flowers on a purse, in someones hair, on a shirt, on shoes, on rings, or just to dress up a cork board lately? Me too. I finally watched a tutorial on how to make them. SUPER easy!! Here are the first two flowers I made at work when I had a second.

I have a plan to make about 50 more of them with WAY cuter paper (not the only color I could find at work). Can you guess what I'm going to do with them?
I have a lot of plans for things lately.

The CSI project will do that to a girl.


If you don't want to have a whole bunch of things in a bag, hiding behind your couch, with high expectations of greatness, you should not visit that site.


One thing I am not going to be doing is painting my kitchen counters to look like marble. I have limits, but DANG...that's pretty impressive!!

Hopefully my (seriously neglected) blog will soon be updated with more DIY, crafty, thrifty projects to help make my house a home...and a WHOLE bunch of pictures of my SUPER cute kids!

Speaking of which...check out Lacy!!


Sharron said...

Love the flowers, love the video, wish it was longer though. That counter . . . will look better when it starts peeling, which all painted count tops do.

Charles and Courtney said...

Cute flowers. Can't wait to see what you are doing with them.