Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100 Tattoos for the 100th day of school

Talon had his 100th day of kindergarten yesterday. He was told to wear 100 of something. Joe thought 100 temporary tattoos would be cool.

He was right!!

On our way home last night I told Talon he needed to go straight to his room, get his pajamas and meet me in the bathroom. It was later than we normally get home, and we had a lot of scrubbing to do. Here is how our conversation went:

Me: Talon, I want you to go straight upstairs, get your pajamas and meet me in the bathroom. Got it? Talon?

Talon: Yes. Got it.

Me: No distractions...I'm serious.

Talon: But my toys just look so good...


Erica said...

What else could a child possibly wear 100 of? What did other kids do?

Kathy said...

The only ones Talon could remember to tell me about were 100 bows on a shirt, 100 stripes (with permanant marker) on a shirt, 100 staples on a shirt, 100 beads on a necklace, 100 paperclips (a necklace I guess) and he said one girl had 100 pictures of herself on her shirt. Good times!

Jod Jas Curtis said...

That is awesome!! My boys would've loooved that :) We are still trying to get the 2 off their arms from like 2 weeks ago! How did yours work out- did they come off?? Any secrets?
*Creed did the 100 beads on a necklace

AMIT said...

Does it mean daily u made 1 tattoo?

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Heather said...

That is so fun! My son brought a thing he made with 100 Legos but I will keep this in mind for next year.