Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had been home for about an hour. The girls had eaten and I was cleaning up the kitchen. Lacy started wandering around the house looking for something to do.I hear her from the front room. "Uckie!"
Oh, no! What did she do? I dried my hands and she was behind me.
"Uckie!" She pointed to the front room.
I followed.
She was not in trouble. The dog was. She showed me the small mess. Now, I feel bad for Sandy, so let me tell you she is a 13 year old yellow lab. Did you hear that? 13 years old. We do not have a doggy door. Sometimes she can't wait until we get home to let her out. She is in a kennel and she is Houdini. We gave up and bought a steam cleaner. Yeah, that bad.

Back to Lacy...she was very proud that she had found the mess and told me about it. She crouched down and watched me clean it up.

I said, "We do not poop on the carpet do we?"
Lacy replied, "No, Uckie!"
"Where do we poop?" This is what I had in mind. Lacy pointed at her bum and said, "There!"


Sharron said...

LOL. . . . . and now that you've had your anatomy lesson, mom! The things these poor little kids have to teach the grown ups. Too funny.

We had two golden retrievers hit 13ish and it isn't pretty is it. Darn dogs are so good to us, that we all seem to put up with the problems they grow into. Good Luck with all that. At least now we have chihuahuas and the messes are small!

laurie said...

very literal aren't they?

AMIT said...

So cute pic of the baby.

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