Friday, September 18, 2009

Pink Day

The kindergarten classes at Talon's school have color days. On those days the kids are supposed to cut something out of a magazine that is the color of the day, and wear the color to school. Apparently pink day can be a painful day for boys.

I had no idea.

Talon put on his pink shirt yesterday, then came into my room. I told him he looked handsome. He told me he thought the kids on the bus would make fun of him for wearing pink. Rude kids. I told him that he should just tell them that it's pink day in his class. What do I know? He said that his teacher told them that they don't have to wear pink if they don't want to, because it's a girl color. I doubt that's how she said it. I told him that he should tell those kids he can wear whatever he wants, and he left my room.

As he was leaving for the school bus he had an orange shirt on. Apparently dad knows more about mean boys than mom. Joe put his shirt in his backpack and Talon told him he would put it on when he got to his classroom. Deal.

I picked Talon up from Kids Corner last night and he still had his orange shirt on. I asked him if he wore the pink one in his class. He "forgot" he had it. Liar. I asked him if any other boys in his class wore pink and he said yes. One. But it was different. It was pink and black and pink and black stripes, so it was more boy. Another mother came to pick up her son (who was only wearing a thin white under shirt) and asked him where his pink shirt was. "In my backpack." We looked at each other and shared an eye roll. :)

Let me just say this. I really don't care if he wore pink or not. It's more the principle of letting the other kids "scare" him out of it. When he got that shirt he was proud of it and loved it.

What the heck am I going to do on "Rainbow Day" next week??? Not even try I suppose. :)


Sharron said...

LOL I just donated a pink shirt that we had in our closet for YEARS! I'm not even sure where it came ffom. Every time I tried to get rid of it, Jon would say not to, I would tell him it was wasteful . . . round and round we would go. He would also tell me that it "took a real man to wear pink". so he left town,. Sarah helped me cull stuff and of course , it is now gone. Let's see how long it takes my "real man" (oh wait, he never wore it) to notice!

laurie said...

I have to side with Talon on this one. It's exactly those kinds of activities that make me hate public school. I don't think they would have made fun of him though. All my bigger boys think wearing pink is cool.

Mariah said...

Gabriel's class does the same thing with wear the color they are learning about. It's kinda neat to see them at the end of the day all lined up waiting to get picked up in the color of the day. His class hasn't had pink yet, but Gabriel will love it because his favorite color is pink. I don't know how long it'll last, but tonight at a party, he picked the pink cup for his drink. Joe had a good idea for solving the problem. As for the mean kids, I wish we could round them all up and beat them. Those kind of kids do so much damage on younger kid's psyches (sp?) Good luck on rainbow day. :)Did his school ever get someone out front to meet the kids when they arrived at school in the morning?

Charles and Courtney said...

Oh it starts so early worrying what the other kids think, wanting to fit in, not get made fun of, etc. I think it stops after High school.